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Are you listening to what your customers are not saying?

Go beyond the limits of explicit measures

It's not easy to figure out what consumers prefer or to understand the real reasons behind their preferences.

Along with cognitive factors, there are many affective, emotional, and sensory factors that guide the consumers' choice process and purchase behaviors: often, even for the consumers themself, it is impossible to motivate a choice ex-post in a rational way.

Umana-Consumers combines research methodologies based on self-reported measures (classic surveys, for example) with implicit and experimental research methodologies based on the administration of behavioral tasks, observation of actual behaviors, and joint measurement of cognitive, emotional, and motor activities.

We improve classic search methods

Market research, consumer analytics, customer journey, product, and service design: we overcome the limits of self-reported measures with our implicit methodologies.

At the same time, we make sure to deliver the highest quality in terms of research design and we follow the best practices in terms of expertise and transparency in the processing of bio- and neuro-data.

We have been associated to the Italian Association for Market Research (ASSIRM) since 2020 and we are members of the NMBSA (Neuromarketing Science and Business Association) since 2021. 

Our Solutions for Consumers Research

The main limitations when we talk about Consumer Research - from Customer Surveys to the study of purchase funnels - is linked to self-report measures. Moreover, without observing the user in action - it is hard to capture the emotional component of decision making processes, despite emotions being one of the main predictor of actual behavior.

Our solutions for Consumers Research let us overcome all of these limitations and allow us to have more accurate predictive models.

Neuroscience for market research and advertising

We dive deep into users' opinions, emotions and behaviors.

Thanks to our implicit measures - that allow us to eliminate biases of sort - we obtain more accurate and reliable answers.

Human-Centered Design

We innovate the design of processes and products, by observing real-time behavior and interaction - thanks to our process-tracing methodologies and tools (e.g. eye-tracking; finger-tracking; mouse-tracking)

This allows us to pinpoint all the elements that generate friction when the user is interacting with products, services or experiences. At the same time, we can experimentally test and intervene with tailored solutions.

Let's improve your processes and products together

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