HR Solutions

Technologies for assessment,
empowerment and wellbeing
of Human Resources


People's value at the heart of your organization

Organizations are made of people that are the core of every successful company. We help companies in the assessment of their human resources, to empower them and increase levels of wellbeing. We work with our partners to translate their needs into research questions and to develop behavioral tasks and experimental studies that reliably answer all of these questions.

An ongoing research process

Our research activities start with observing the behavior of the people involved and measuring their emotional, cognitive, and motor responses.


Advances in neuroscience provide new resources for value creation in organizations. The in-depth knowledge of cognitive processes and related physiological correlates allows us to overcome the limits of conventional methods in the study of human behavior: we employ these innovations in the assessment of human resource potential and job motivation, in the identification of areas of improvement and enhancement, in order to support corporate decision-makers in the design of organizational interventions, communication, and training.


We ensure the highest standards of ethics, treatment and protection of participants' privacy and sensitive data.

Our solutions for HR

Fiducia e Integrità

We reliably measure the ability to generate trust and inclusion of employees within the organization, their motivations, levels of individual wellbeing, as well overall corporate climate.

Assessment of human potential

To measure leadership, cognitive, interpersonal, and motivational skills, as well as areas for improvement in employees to support selection processes and succession plans.

Professional Performance with Eye-Tracking

To understand how your internal processes work, improve them, harvest your teams' tacit knowledge, improve learning processes and eliminate potential sources of error.

Empowerment & Wellbeing

To assess the level of wellbeing and stress tolerance of employees through epigenetic testing and stress management programs, and to implement training with bio-feedback.

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