Human Centered Design
for Consumers

The user at the core of every process

We always keep this in mind when developing our research on human-centered design for web, advertising, and market research.

We know that effective design can only come from a continuous research process, based on trial-error, learning, and improving.

A process, a product or service can only be truly effective if it meets the needs or predictably directs the behavior of the people it serves.

The three core steps we implement to make this happen are:

"Which solution maximizes the performance of my product or process?"

What values should I invest in to leverage consumers' preferences? Which artwork, which packaging, which logo or what visual aspect is likely to shift consumer preferences?

Umana Consumers' Umana Consumers helps companies answer all of these questions, which are central to any brand, as well as to the launch of a new product or service.

"What tools can I test it with? How can I know what the users perceive?"

How do I overcome the limitations of classic data collection tools? How do I overcome the limits of surveys and of usability testing, which provide a reliable result, but do not explain the reason behind this result?

Thanks to methodologies and tools derived from the searching for and behavioral and and to the know-how of our researchers, we push the boundaries of self-reported responses. We not only identify the result, but we take a closer look at the dynamics and processes underlying the user's final decision.

Real problems, real settings, real solutions

We have solved and continue to solve real-world problems. Our Human Centered design solutions are tested both in the lab and in the natural environment where interactions occur in everyday life.

We do this by combining behavioral tasks (which measure the outcome of the change) and process measures (which tell us if and why the change works), that can be adapted - in a completely non-invasive way - in both lab and onsite research (your shelf in the store, an entire department in a supermarket, a manufacturing floor, or a web screen).

Studying Human Error

To err is human, to persist... well, it's not. If human errors systematically happen in the processes, from production to marketing, we can identify the causes and help you solve them.

Purchase Funnels

Even physical spaces - like your physical store - need to be tested, optimized and improved, and need to be tailor-made for customers. We do this by combining neuromarketing tools with technologies such as accelerometer and path navigation analysis.

Web & UX Design

Testiamo la tua pagina web o il tuo percorso online basandoci sui principi della User Experience and we perform an accurate analysis thanks to typical tools of behavioral research and neuromarketing.

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