Wellbeing & Empowerment

Wellbeing should be one of your top priority

There is a lot of research demonstrating the positive relationship between employee well-being and business productivity.

Unfortunately, there are also many studies showing that mental health and emotional stability has deteriorated since the pandemic began, along with concern for one's health.

According to a recent IPSOS survey IPSOS, 28% of employees have difficulty concentrating on work, 20% take longer to complete their work, and 15% have trouble thinking, reasoning, or deciding.

Why promote empowerment strategies and policies to improve well-being?

Wellness and empowerment are among the top 3 elements of employer branding that attract Millennials in the workplace and increase their retention by 10%.

Investing in wellbeing and empowerment leads to a health-related cost savings of 7 times the investment.

Empowerment is a tool that combines growth with wellbeing and that allows to:

How can we improve wellness and empowerment in your organization?


Training with (neuro)biofeedback

What we call (neuro)biofeedback is actually a set of techniques that allows individuals to learn how to change and regulate their physiological activity. The objective is to know one's own reactions and enhance performance, learning to better manage stress and - consequently - improve one's psychophysical health.

With the help of specific instruments, several (neuro)physiological parameters are measured, such as brain waves, cardiac and respiratory functions, muscle activity, temperature and skin conductance. The feedback of this information, in association with a behavioral treatment, allow you to reach the psychophysiological change desired and to maintain the long-term effects.

How can (neuro)biofeedback improve your team's performance?


Epigenetic tests and analysis

There is increasing evidence regarding how the development of pathological conditions or illnesses can be influenced by everyday stress levels work stress, and low socioeconomic status. This has led to a new interest in the underlying molecular mechanisms , such as epigenetic ones..

Several factors that are within our control (such as diet, exercise, social relationships) can change the way certain genes are used in our body, a process known as gene expression..

What can we do to increase employee well-being from this perspective?

Thanks to our team of molecular biology experts, with a simple salivary test, we are able to identify the molecular biomarkers of well-being, both genetic and epigenetic.

The ultimate goal is to provide a personalized individual service to increase wellness based on molecular markers.

This series of targeted analyses allows us to suggest to the participants a modulation of their lifestyle for better psycho-physical conditions.

Our approach is unique because of our teams' expertise on these specific molecular markers.

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Do you want to assess and improve wellbeing in your team?

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