Evaluation and training of human potential

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In order to make the most of the human capital, it is necessary to know people's strengths and weaknesses, their potential, their motivational drivers, and their individual goals.
Uniqueness is what turns a team into "your team".

To create a positive and motivating work climate, it is necessary to select and coordinate different resources so that strengths and diversity work synergistically.

Investigating these differences - which is a part of People Analytics strategies - is the first step toward planning, evaluating, and motivating people as well as improving team performance through informed management of individual competencies.

Umana-Analytics offers assessment services that are fine tuned to meet the needs of each individual team, thanks to standard and scalable behavioral tasks that allow for more reliable detection of participant responses.

The evaluation of human potential in

Eight simple behavioral tasks

We offer team assessment through explicit techniques (self-report measures, as in classic questionnaires) and (self-report measures, as in classic questionnaires) and implicit (mouse tracker, finger tracker neuro-biofeedback and physiological assessment) by integrating methods and survey tools that offer a wide margin of customization depending on the specifics of each organization.

You'll be able to customize your team members' skills and individuality map with a variety of complementary assessment concerning:

1. Processing speed
2. Tolerance to risk and uncertainty
3. Emotional recognition and empathy
4. Temporal Discounting
5. Working memory
6. Motivation towards rewards
7. Concentration and Attentional Reactivity
8. Self-control and inhibitory skills

It's always the right time

Potential Assessment can be done at different points in a person's working life. 
In particular, the analysis can be strategically useful in:

When's the right time to make an assessment of your HR potential?

The purposes of a correct and more reliable evaluation of potential are:

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