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The power of seeing what others do not see

We develop software and technologies to create value for our customers through the enhancement of

Our why

We bring experimental research on human behavior into businesses because we believe that every decision making process should be based on empirical evidences .

Understanding the drivers of human behavior in different decision-making contexts allows us to help companies to create value for everyone involved: human resources, customers and stakeholders.


We develop and deploy technologies derived from neurosciences, cognitive psychology and behavioral economics.

The research methods conventionally adopted for the study of human behavior are based on self-reported measures.

Most of our decisions, however, arise from automatic cognitive processes of which we are completely unaware.

Our methodologies overcome this limitation.

Our awards

HR Mission 2022 Award

premio hr mission 2022 AIDP

Umana-Analytics si aggiudica la coppa argento al contest HR Mission 2022 di AIDP in collaborazione con Metallurgica San Marco.

« For having contributed to establishing a culture of value aimed at reducing waste and improving processes thanks to people empowerment interventions »

Univet and Umana-Analytics' "Trust, Inclusion, Wellbeing" project wins at AIDP Award 2023

Paolo Zangrillo, Minister of Public Administration, handed the AIDP's award for HR Directors during the 52nd National Congress.

“Trust, Inclusion, Wellbeing” was created with the aim of identifying the organisation's internal relationship networks in order to enhance their dynamics, mapping those connections that favour the diffusion of an organisational culture linked to corporate values.

AIDP Award 2023

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