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Technologies for the study of human behavior


Our "Why"

Because we love studying human behavior.
We bring experimental research on human behavior into businesses because we believe that every decision making process should be based on empirical evidence. We put human beings and sustainability first.

The core purpose of any organization is to create value for its stakeholders: external customers, human resources and investors.

Thus, the success of any organization is determined by a series of critical decisions that revolve around all the products and the processes humans are constantly interacting with.

Understanding the drivers of human behavior in different decision-making contexts allows us to help companies maximize the value of their products and processes.


The research methods conventionally adopted for the study of human behavior are based on self-reported measures.
These methodologies suffer from a limitation that is hardwired in our human nature: most of our decisions arise from automatic cognitive processes of which we are completely unaware.
Often, we don't know the motivations behind our own preferences and cannot accurately predict what we would do in a given, hypothetical situations.
For this reason, we develop and adopt technologies derived from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and behavioral economics.


From our perspective, we believe that human beings should be at the core of every step of a design thinking process.

Indeed, the effectiveness of a design depends on its ability to change people behavior. 

We help businesses answer the question:

"Which solution maximizes the performances of our products or processes?"

Umana HR &
Umana Consumers

While employing cross-cutting technologies and methodologies, we have organized our services by distinguishing between consumer solutions, designed for the needs of marketing, product design and market research, and HR solutions, designed for the needs related to the evaluation, empowerment and wellbeing of human resources within organizations.

Umana Analytics: Our roots

Umana-Analytics stems from a spin-off company of the Department of Neuroscience, Brain Imaging and Clinical Sciences of the University of Chieti-Pescara.

Umana is both a company that develops and commercializes technologies for the study of human behavior and an experimental research center. We have access to a wide range of multidisciplinary scientific expertise and advanced technologies, thanks to which we proposes "tailor-made" studies, tailored on our clients' needs.

We have developed solutions for

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