Smartworking and Trust Observatory

Smartworking and Trust Observatory

It is an ongoing research project organized in collaboration with the section of Behavioral Economics and Neuroeconomics of the Department of Neuroscience, Imaging and Clinical Sciences of the University of Chieti-Pescara.

The goal of the project is to provide an agile, flexible, fast and useful tool for remote team assessment. 

At the same time, it allows the Lab to collect data that enables a descriptive and longitudinal analysis of the state of smartworking in companies and its economic and social implications;

The tool - initially designed for the emergency phase - has been refined to offer companies a questionnaire to investigate the variables that contribute to the well-being and effectiveness of a team working remotely, and possibly identify areas for improvement.

Our analysis of the state of remote work in your company

The research program is aimed at medium and large sized companies (for optimal results, it is advisable to involve at least 50 employees), which have activated or intend to activate agile working mode, and maintain it even after the emergency situation.

To participate just contact us at

Companies accredited for participation will receive a link to fill out a survey, that can be shared and administered to their team.

Responses are collected securely and anonymously. Data is analyzed in aggregate, with no possibility of tracing the identity of individual participants - to ensure that respondents feel comfortable expressing their opinions freely.

Your company data will only be shared with you. The anonymity of each participant will be guaranteed, because the data will be treated in an aggregated and secure manner.

The questionnaire integrates scales created ad-hoc with scales validated in the psychological literature and behavioral sciences. It allows to measure expectations, experiences, attitudes and intentions related to the world of smart working, providing - among other things - a reading of the results in terms of socio-demographic characteristics, work needs, identification with the company and stress levels.

All companies will get a customized report on how their team ranks against the thresholds in our sample.

If we have your consent, your data will populate, in a non-tracked and anonymous way, our database with the aim of tracking trends and scenarios of remote work.
If we identify areas that could benefit from targeted intervention, the Umana HR team of consultants will be happy to offer you a meeting to return the report, discuss the findings, and any improvements.

Join the Smartworking Observatory

Improve your team's remote work thanks to objective data

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